Lotus Flower "Tranquility" Glass


 Lotus Flower "Tranquility" Glass

Our lotus flowers are made of glass and are a symbol of absolute purity, rebirth, spiritual awakening and fidelity.

the Lotus Flower roots in the mud and its flower bloom majestically on the water, representing the purity of heart and mind. The crystal mineral represents purity as well since it is translucent and pure.


According to Feng Shui, the Lotus Flower tranquility glass can initiate a better circulation of the life force or Qi energies of your living space and brings a successful and harmonized balance in the relationship with the ones you love.

Promoting happiness, and communication in the family, fortune with success in business, health, and protection for the home.

How to use:

Placing your "Tranquility" Flower in a sunny place will emit beautiful colorful reflections and create a beautiful and balanced energy of your room or office.


Size: 80mm*50mm
Material: Glass
Available in different colors: blue, green, yellow, transparent, purple, pink, red, colorful

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